Elder Clay Green

Elder Clay Green

Monday, June 12, 2017

Week 97 -Maraba Não desisto

Belem Mission Leadership Council June 2017

 Sis Stasevskas had an early birthday cake for Clay so he could celebrate with the Leadership Council

 Clay and Elder Rodriguez

 Elder Arevalo, Elder Rodriguez, and Clay with his package delivered by the Stasevskas's daughter Talita who is visiting from California.
 Elder Bartoski and Clay wearing matching ties

 Clay with his last little package

 Everybody looking sad - I guess because Clay is about to go home?

 The hard-working shoes of the Leadership Council

 Clay taking a self-portrait in the mirror

Clay, Elder Rodriguez, Elder Black

Lunch appointment.


We had a good week this week. We spent Monday, Tuesday and half of Wednesday in Belém. There are not many flights from Belém to Marabá so sometimes we have to wait a long time in Belém... which stinks because we don't have anything to do there! But we had a great meeting with the president who talked a lot about how we can be successful in life or in anything we do. They also talked a lot about the love of Christ and the power of the Book of Mormon. 

When we got back in Marabá we visited a few people. We have many good investigators that are keeping commitments but for some reason can not or do not want to be baptized. We were very firm this week with our investigators and we able to help a few agree to baptism. 

A member took us to teach one of his friends on Friday. We taught her and her family the Restoration and she understood very well but the rest of her family didn't show much interest. We went back on Saturday and  she said that she read the pamphlet and can't stop thinking about Joseph Smith and his story. She came to church yesterday and is really excited to learn more about the church. 

We are teaching another kid who already went to church 1 time and has all the lessons. He stopped drinking coffee and accepted a baptismal dat for the 17th. But in order for him to be baptized he needs to go to church 1 more time. He committed to come to church but didnt go because his friend wasn't able to pass by his house and take him... And his phone doesn't work so we were not able to call him.. So that made us sad but we will bring him to church this Sunday or tell him to go by himself. It will all work out!

Love yall!! Have a great week!

Elder Green

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