Elder Clay Green

Elder Clay Green

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Week 98 - Maraba

This week had some ups and downs.
On Monday we went and taught 2 people we have been teaching for a while. One of them has gone to church a few times but was not wanting to accept a baptism date. We went there not knowing exactly what we were going to teach. She has not been reading the Book of Mormon and has not been praying. It is SO frustrating because when we ask her why she is not reading or praying she always says "I don't know". That is her answer to everything. There is now way to help her if she does not answer our questions. We ask her if she understands the importance of reading the scriptures and praying and she says "I don't know". There is no way to explain it but she was literally answering all of our simple yes or no questions like that or wouldn't give any response. I was trying really hard not to get upset, so we just sat there in silence for a good minute or two praying that the Spirit would give us patience and words to help her. After a couple of silent moments I decided to read a scripture to her, Matthew 5:37. We explained to her that we were there to help and that she needs to take what we are saying seriously and respond to our questions the way Christ teaches us to respond. Haha it was a little tense but the Spirit was SO strong and she started to open up to us and answer our questions. We saw a great change in her and she started taking things more seriously, and in the end, accepted a date to be baptized! I talked with my companion after and we both got goosebumps during the lesson feeling and seeing the Spirit change her way of thought right before our eyes.
We found a few good people to teach this week including the daughter of one of our recent converts. She has a lot of potential!
We had our district meetings this week in Parauapebas. It was a good meeting! After the meeting me and the district leader here in Marabá went to Canaã to do an exchange with them. Canaã is about 4 hours from Marabá. We had a good time there and were able to work a lot with the elders there. We got back from there on Saturday.
But that was about it for this week. We taught a guy named Melchizedek. haha I thought that was pretty cool!
Love yall!
Elder Green

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