Elder Clay Green

Elder Clay Green

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Week 99 - Maraba

We had a good week. We started the week with not too many people to teach, so we decided to go to a busy park on Tuesday morning and just start talking to everyone. Here it is really easy to talk to people and anyone will give you their address and accept a message. A couple of weeks ago some students stopped us on the road and said they were doing a survey and asked us a few simple questions and we responded and they left. As we were in this park running after people we thought that it would be cool to do a survey to see ow interested people really were. We created 3 simple questions:

1. Have you ever felt the Holy Ghost?
2. Do you believe that we have a living prophet today?
3. Have you ever heard of the Book of Mormon? 
After hearing the peoples response to these 3 questions we were able to talk about a certain gospel principal that would make the person more interested. Asking these 3 questions made it a little more interesting and fun for us and helped us find more interested people. We spent a good 2 hours there talking to everyone and had a bunch of addresses to visit throughout the week.
There are lots of iguanas here. I have seen a few throughout my mission but here in this city they are everywhere! We taught a lady on Thursday and went back on Saturday to talk with her again. As we were walking up to her house I was not paying attention to my surroundings and when we got close there were about 5 huge iguanas that went crazy and started running all over the place. It scared the mess out of me and I almost fell down with fright, but non of them got too close to us. We looked up in the trees and saw about 4 more crawling around in the trees.  As I was looking at all of them my companion thought it would be funny to grab my leg like an iguana was attacking me. I flipped out and the guy that was working in his yard started laughing at me. It was pretty embarrassing but that lady wasn't home so we didn't hang around too long.
There is a member of the church here that was baptized a few years ago. She is a really old lady and got sick and is no longer able to go to church. I met her for the first time this week. We went there 2 times and she was crazy happy to see us. She does not receive many visits and misses the church. When we went there she was receiving a message from Jehovah Witnesses, so we decided to go back the very next day to visit her. She was SO happy and bought us stuff to drink and everything. Her friend was also there helping with stuff in the house so we taught her and she is very interested and has no church. So now we are able to help the little old sick lady and hopefully baptize her friend! 
Well that is about it for this week!
Love yall!!
Elder Green

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